Roman Blinds


Roman Blinds Direct from NI Blind Suppliers

Roman Blinds have been used to dress windows and openings for over 2000 years.  Modern day Roman Blinds are made from various materials and are available in many different patterns.  Our Roman Blinds are made from high quality fabrics and textiles and create a wow factor in any room.  We have two options for Roman Blinds; firstly, we have the impressive heat sealed Roman Blinds, they provide a flawless finish with no visual stitches. Secondly, the softer traditional Roman Blinds that are stitched give a classic look to any room. Everyone has their own preference, however, Roman Blinds always add that touch of elegance.  Roman Blinds are available in a black out material which ensures an uninterrupted nights sleep, especially during the light summer months.  Roman blinds can enhance the visual appeal of any room, and are considered by many as the creme de le creme of blinds.  Our Roman Blinds all come on a head-rail with a specially designed chain mechanism allowing you to bring the Roman Blinds up and down with ease. Roman Blinds can be recessed within the window or they can be placed over the outside of the window to really make a feature of the window.  Roman Blinds add warmth to any room and they really are a feature piece, we have a huge range of fabrics so you are sure to find something that you like.  Browse through our range from the comfort of your own home with our sample books.  Contact us today!

Why Choose Roman Blinds?

A huge range of fabrics and designs to choose from

Made to measure to fit almost any window

Fully lined and black out options

A range of finishes for chain controls